Branded video content is most powerful when it’s beautifully thought-through and beautifully crafted. This is the key to making moving images sell. Take a look at any of these three films. They are for very different clients in very different industries, yet all three share a deeply emotional core. Video is not the place for rational argument. It is the means by which a strong, favourable first impression is created . That is the ethos behind this video content agency. We aim to be industry leaders in the use of emotional intelligence in video content, which is why we have spoken at seminars alongside Google and Microsoft. Read more

Game-changing video content

“The video has had a huge impact on our business.” “I know from direct feedback that it has already paid for itself - in just two weeks.” “They understand the power of emotional connection. It was one of my best business decisions.” Read more client endorsements

Emotive video content

“Our Head has found it very moving and emotional…” “We showed the video to all of the staff today. Everyone absolutely loved it – some were nearly in tears.”  Read more client endorsements | London: 78 York Street, London WH1 1DP | UK studios: Treharbas, Lanteglos, Camelford PL32 9UT                                                    © 2015 Tamsquite Limited | website terms