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We are a specialist video content agency. Many organisations think video content is simply about putting a film onto their website and indeed, done in the right way this is uniquely powerful. However, video content is highly effective used elsewhere online. Usually we create a two minute videos for websites and then re-assemble the footage and incorporate new clips to make a package of shorter films.
V i d e o   c o n t e n t   f o r   w e b s i t e s
A strong, emotive videos for websites home pages will be more effective than any other marketing tool. The video should be no longer than two minutes long, but in that time you will have created a number of strong first impressions with your viewer that will leave them well-disposed towards your organisation throughout the rest of the sales process.
V i d e o   c o n t e n t   f o r  s o c i a l   m e d i a
Social media is the natural home for video content and even B2B Video. It is used predominantly from mobile devices with smaller screens. Short time-length video content will gain far more attention and therefore be shared than straight text or still images. It is very valuable for driving traffic from a wide area onto your website.
V i d e o   c o n t e n t   f o r   e - c o m m e r c e
E-commerce lives or dies by the customer experience. The easier it is to order, the lower the abandon rate. Tiny clips of video content works as a video strategy and against each product is far more seductive to the customer than static images and purchase rates increase accordingly.
T u t o r i a l   v i d e o s
YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, but if you don’t have any video content you won’t appear at all. YouTube is useful to broaden the online reach of your organisation, but it is also the natural home for tutorial videos. Many people search YouTube for instructional videos to help them solve a problem or simply to learn how-to.
V i d e o   c o n t e n t   f o r   e m a i l s   a n d   P R
Click-through and open rates for email campaigns are significantly increased when video content is embedded. Often this ROI is enough to justify investment in video strategy in the first place. Providing video content as part of your PR activity is also significant. Many publications now have substantial online presence and are desperate for live action to insert in their editorial. Best of all, no publication is going to re-edit your video content so you remain in complete control of your message.
V i d e o   c o n t e n t   f o r   G o o g l e   A d w o r d s
Google Adwords is familiar to all. There is a video version that allows your content to appear against very specific search terms. So if you’re a solicitor based in Manchester specialising in litigation, your Video Ad will appear to anyone searching with terms such as “litigation solicitor Manchester”. You don’t pay for the ad unless it is viewed to its finish.
V i d e o   m a r k e t i n g
Incorporating all of these forms of video content requires a video marketing strategy. This in turn should be integrated into your overall digital strategy. We have all the expertise necessary to help you create a rigorous and disciplined strategy before any creative work is briefed or executed. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation


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