School video production has become very important for marketers in education. We have worked with some of the best in the UK who appreciate that our school videos are “next generation”. They are designed without dialogue to be viewed as easily on a phone as a PC and by any nationality. Analytics show our videos for schools have retention rates that are far higher than industry-average, often with 80% of viewers watching 100% of the film.

Heathfield School, Ascot

Heathfield School, Ascot

Famous all girls’ boarding school. Alumni include the Queen’s cousin Princess Alexandra, Sienna Miller and Amber Le Bon. "I am absolutely delighted with our new school video. You have managed to really encapsulate the heart of Heathfield and created something very special which shows our uniqueness as a school.” Jo Heywood, Headmistress

Queenswood School

Queenswood School

Currently UK’s no1 girl’s school for tennis but produces great all-rounders. Dame Alison Richard (Vice Chancellor of Cambridge) and Carol Thatcher among alumnae. “It's absolutely breathtaking. I love it. It's a beautiful work of art. Thank you so much, you have met the brief and then some! I’m really thrilled - it captures a wonderful, dreamy quality which is highly emotive - definitely taking our marketing to a much higher level. Best wishes from a very happy client.” Donna Cresswell, Director of External Relations

Abingdon School

Abingdon School

Famous and very old boy’s school, founded in 1256. Alumni from Frances Maude MP to Radiohead. “Reaction to the film has been universally popular across all target audiences. When shown to staff there was a spontaneous round of applause and this happened again at Open Day when the film was shown to prospective parents. Comments included: ‘I am going to show this to my son, he’s worried about moving schools’ and ‘My son has watched your film over and over again – it’s perfect.’” Jane Warne, Communications Manager

Parkside School

Parkside School

Surrey boy’s prep school that is a feeder for many top senior schools including Charterhouse, Millfield, RGS Guildford and Wellington College. “It was AMAZING - everyone loved it and I posted it on Twitter/FB and we received huge response. It has been a fabulous experience working with Chris’ team and I have really enjoyed being part of this process. We can highly recommend working with them and would advise any school to do so.” Gabriele Richardson, Marketing Manager

Cardiff 6th Form College

Cardiff Sixth Form College

Top of the UK’s A Level league tables for an astonishing 8 years. Has sent 60 students to Cambridge alone in the last 4 years. “Brilliant – thanks for sending through. Just had a quick watch and it’s exciting…I think you’ve definitely captured the journey I was looking for!” Olivia Haywood, Director of Brands, Dukes Education

Godstowe School

Godstowe School

David Gainer was recently awarded UK Prep Headmaster of the Year. This is the girl’s school on which Enid Blyton based the Mallory Towers books. “We showed the video to all of the teaching staff today, on the big screen. Everyone absolutely loved it – some were nearly in tears, so it certainly had the right impact/feel!” Georgie May, Communications and PR Officer

St George's Ascot

St.George’s, Ascot

Girl’s school beloved of status-conscious parents. Maybe because Prince Edward’s daughter is a pupil? “Chris’ team was truly professional.  They took time to really understand our ‘brand’, and what we were trying to achieve.  The result surpassed all expectations – a stunning and original production.” Rachel Owens, Headmistress

St Helen and St Katharine

St.Helen and St.Katharine

Perennial top 30 girl’s day school for GCSE and A Levels. Alumni include Samantha Cameron.  “Wonderful, wonderful . The OG community and the Prefects thought it was brilliant! All very good news.” Rebecca Dougall, Headmistress; “You’ll be pleased to hear that when the film was shown at the Parents Evening last night, there was about three seconds silence after the film ended, then ecstatic applause – which was just so lovely! It’s a winner!” Elly Witcher, Communications Manager

St Josephs School

St.Joseph’s School

Recent winner of ISI Award for Excellence. “The video has had a huge impact on our business. St Joseph’s School can recommend without reservation.” Sue Rowe, Headmistress



The Independent Schools Bursars Association. Representing all of the Independent Schools in the UK. “I want to congratulate you and express my huge admiration for what you have done – I think it is absolutely brilliant and I am not surprised that ISBA are delighted with the result.” Patrick Burrows, Bursar, Bradfield College; “We are delighted with the end result and can’t thank Chris and the team enough for such a compelling film. Thanks again for all your help, we’re continuing to get hugely positive comments on the film.” Gillian Goode, Publications & Communications Officer ISBA

St Marys Calne

St.Mary’s Calne

Top girl’s school nowadays giving league-leaders Downe House and Wycombe Abbey a run for their money. David Cameron’s sister among old-girls. “I love it! I think it encapsulates everything we spoke about and some of the shots are really beautiful (love that opening shot). I do think it's excellent and very different too. It was a pleasure working with Chris and his team.  They have highly creative and original ideas and execute them professionally and to schedule.” Stephanie Bryan, Marketing and Communications Manager

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