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We are not a video production company, We are a Video Content Agency. We spend far more time thinking and creating in an office than filming in a studio, which makes our service a two-stage process. The first stage in creating your video content will be to take your brief. This can be a short process but often will involve us embedding into your organisation for a period to truly understand what you’re trying to say. We then brainstorm the problem for several weeks until a solution emerges. We usually express this in the form of a mood board. This is simply a mosaic of images taken from the public domain, clustering around one central phrase: a summation of the key thought. The mood board is the best way to communicate how the finished film will feel. At this stage, we will often present any test films that we shoot to demonstrate how a particular idea will appear. We may well also present other film material as reference. The second stage is execution. The physical filming takes place and involves all of the usual pre-production, production and post-production. Filming can be concentrated into just one or two days or can be spread over a month or more depending on the creative idea. Editing usually takes just a week or ten days. A typical project takes two months from start to finish but can be collapsed to five weeks if necessary. We only take on twelve projects per year to maintain the highest possible quality.
P r i c i n g
Because this is a two stage process, it is more expensive than simply appointing a video production company. However, investing in the additional time to get a strong concept and script will lead to a far greater ROI. Projects typically cost from £16k, with approximately half the time spent in creative thought and half on production. Contact us to discuss budgeting


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