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  Chris Mugford is the founding director of Chris Mugford.com. He has an industry-leading reputation for excellence in creative video content through recent cutting-edge work. He regularly gives workshops and Masterclasses on Video Marketing best-practice and has been invited to speak at seminars alongside Google and Microsoft.
With 30 years of experience creating and directing award-winning TV commercials for many blue chip companies, Chris now applies the same level of strategic thinking and creative spark to online video content. His expertise extends throughout film production, cinematography, film direction, graphic design for TV, copywriting and marketing consultancy.
In 1991 Chris co-founded the ad agency First Independent where he was responsible for creating, developing and controlling a wide range of highly successful TV campaigns. Prior to that time Chris worked as the writer component of the most senior and experienced creative team within a number of London's top creative agencies, including GGK, Yellowhammer, and Kirkwoods. He and his art director were winners of no fewer than 19 separate entries into the prestigious D&AD Award Annuals. His other awards are wide-ranging and cover the broadest spectrum of the industry.
He has assembled a team of similarly qualified industry experts who bring an unrivalled level of experience.
Dr.Rosalind Poppleton comes from an academic background, and a family of renown psychologists. She believes that a greater understanding of psychology allows creative marketing to be far more effective.
Joe Driver worked for many years at BBC Television on most of the Corporation’s classic sitcoms, dramas and outside music broadcasts as a sound and communications engineer. His technical knowledge has allowed him to establish and run a facilities unit that includes a lightweight television outside broadcast unit for multi-camera recording, broadcasting and live streaming worldwide.
Caroline Brodrick has worked as senior producer across the board, from a major broadcaster (Thames TV) to a major ad agency group (Publicis, Prodigious), from HHCL to a period running one of the most highly respected film production companies (Academy).
Luke Nyul joined chrismugford.com on an apprenticeship scheme but had been making films since he was 13. His work has been screened at three festivals including in Seattle.
Liz George is a TV journalist by background, working at the BBC and CNN. She has also acted as senior producer as well as fronting programmes as a presenter.
Having done time at 3i and Intel, Tim Lane established the highly successful IT consultancy ISQ International. ISQ has worked with just about all of the top independent schools providing an unrivalled depth of experience in all matters digital.


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