c l i c k   h e r e   f o r   c o m p l e t e   f i l m   ( d u r : 2 m i n s)

We love making a difference. One client said that our video content agency had made a huge impact on their business. We loved that. However much we enjoy creating videos (especially videos for websites), it’s helping to manipulate entire markets that gets us up in the morning. Take a look at any of these three films. They are for very different clients in very different industries, yet all three share a deeply emotional core. Knowing the secret of emotional selling has led us to speak as a video production agency at London seminars alongside Google and Microsoft.
So what’s the key to producing the most powerful online video content? From all our years working in the advertising and broadcast industries, we have learned that it’s only films that strike at the emotional heart of a viewer that really work. Video is not the place for rational argument. It is the means by which strong, favourable first impressions are created . That is the ethos behind this video agency. We aim to be industry leaders in the use of emotional intelligence in video content. Branded video content is most powerful when it’s beautifully thought-through and beautifully crafted. This is the key to making moving images sell. And we have unrivalled expertise in three crucial areas.
First, there isn’t a London web video production company that understands marketing better. We are used to working to existing marketing strategies. We aim to distil your message down to its simplest possible form.
Second, we understand TV advertising. We understand how to put a message across in very short timelengths (sometimes in just 10 seconds).
Third, we know how to make the video content look a million dollars. This last point is critical to effective video marketing, as anyone watching your video will make an immediate, subconscious impression about your organisation. Video content that is shot on-the-cheap looks cheap. So what does that say about the organisation that commissioned it? On the other hand, video content that looks bold, creative and confident speaks volumes about the boldness, creativity and confidence of the organisation behind it.

c l i c k   h e r e   f o r   c o m p l e t e   f i l m   ( d u r : 2 m i n s)

g a m e - c h a n g i n g   v i d e o   c o n t e n t

“The video has had a huge impact on our business.” “I know from direct feedback that it has already paid for itself - and in just two weeks.” “They understand the power of emotional connection. It was one of my best business decisions.” Read more client endorsements

c l i c k   h e r e   f o r   c o m p l e t e   f i l m   ( d u r : 2 m i n s)

e m o t i v e   v i d e o   c o n t e n t

“Our Head has found it very moving and emotional…” “We showed the video to all of the staff today. Everyone absolutely loved it – some people were nearly in tears.”  Read more client endorsements


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